Team building activities were held in Hebei

The HR department of BJD successfully organized the outdoor team building activities at Bashang Plain in Heibei province. It took the team 5 hours to reach the destination and 7 hours to get back to Beijing. Though the trip is long and tiring, all team members kept passionate during the activities and showed strong spirit of struggling. The 15-mile hike was the most difficult one among all activities. The terrain was highly complex with hills, forests, gully regions and lakes. Especially when we passed through the birch forest full of spiny trees and shrubs, no roads could be seen there and it totally depended on the self-judgment of all team members. The highest peak there was almost composed by steep slope of more than 70 degrees, with air temperature lower than 10℃ and strong wind. However, by mutual help and cooperation, all team members successfully finished all programs as planned and returned Beijing smoothly. After this activity, all members have the same feeling of the beautiful scenery and thought it’s worth all the hard work. 

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