Medical Writing

Service fields

★SCI medical papers

Provide accurate amendments for expression and translation of papers in accordance with the target academic journals contributed by the clients to ensure that the expression in English in papers is professional and authentic and in line with the requirements of language level of foreign publications


★Drug registration review documents

Drug RD and Registration Data Cover research project reports for new drugs, research review, drug clinical trial protocol, investigators manual, standard operating procedures,case report,clinical study report and drug registration data review (pre-clinical, clinical and CMC section)

Drug Safety Reports: Cover translation, sorting and writing of drug SAE (severe adverse events) reports, periodic safety reports (PSUR) and safety data for foreign drug

★Medical device registration documents

Operator manual, user guideline and safety report for medical devices

★Speech Draft

Apply professional knowledge and experience to carry out writing, revising and client review in accordance with standard forms of professional speech drafts, and transform them into PPT for presentation


Writing resources

★Project managers, with extensive experience in medical writing, are capable of organizing and writing relevant materials for new drug’s R&D and registration in accordance with the technical requirements put forward by CFDA, FDA and EMA and are able to serve as an agent to submit texts to CFDA

★We can provide bilingual texts in Chinese and English by owning the team of medical writing and medical translation with broad professional knowledge

★We own powerful database for medical papers and have long-term cooperation with national library and military medical library in medical literature search

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