Language Coverage

English, Japanese, French, German, Korean and other languages


Interpretation Fields


Basic medicine, clinical medicine, forensic medicine, laboratory medicine, preventive medicine, health care medicine and rehabilitation medicine


The research and development on API and its preparations, biochemical drugs, radioactive pharmaceuticals, blood serum, vaccine, blood medicine and diagnosis drugs

Medical Devices

The exhibition on imaging examination equipments such as ultrasonic waves, ECG monitor, breathing machine, anaeshetic machine, CT scanner, MRI and PET, on equipments for dialysis, cardiac catheter, transfusion, and on implantable medical device


Interpretation Types


Meeting interpretation

Consecutive interpretation

The interpreter listens to the speaker before they interpret. The speech is divided into segments and the interpreter will relay the information, covering academic meeting, business negotiation, visiting investigation, banquet address, press conference, small seminar and internal training

Simultaneous interpretation

The interpreter will translate what is being said at the same time as the speaker who he/she is translating, without the speaker having to pause after each sentence, covering academic meeting, business negotiation, press conference and internal training

Escort interpretation

Escort interpretation for business

The interpreter is mainly responsible for the interpretation for business consulting, negotiating, signing ceremony, banquets and VIP company

Interpretation in exhibition site

The interpreter is mainly responsible for introducing the nature and characteristics for the product on the international exhibition in detail, and for answering questions raised by visitors on the spot

Escort interpretation for tourism

The interpreter is mainly responsible for telling history of tourist attractions to foreign visitors and VIPs who travel abroad and helping them clear communication obstacles


Interpretation Team

★All of the interpreters have master's degree or above and have a long-term fixed contract with us

★Most interpreters are returned experts or scholars who have studied in the U.S., Europe and Japan

★All of theinterpreters have an average of more than five years of professional experience in medical interpretation

★Most of them are experts and scholars serving the fields including medical science, pharmacy, medical devices, biology and chemistry, mainly from universities, medical research institutions, pharmaceutical R&D institutions and clinical research centers


Quality Control

Craft interpretation service: The interpreters are classified into three levels: advanced, middle and primary, based on their experience.We will arrange the most appropriate interpreter to finish the job on basis of the characteristicsand requirements of the interpretation program. For the meeting interpretation requiring high professional skills,the interpreter owning the relevant professional background will be first arranged to ensure the quality

The feedback for customer satisfaction degree and the improvement: We will carefully listen to the feedback of the sponsor and timely conclude existing problems to constantly improve our quality even if the task is finished

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